Specializing in needle-free injection for dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and small rodents


INJEX50 Vet*



INJEX50 Vet – The perfect choice for Veterinarians to keep their patients & pet owners both equally happy. No more needles, no more growling!Many dog and cat owners are using the INJEX50 Vet system and report enthusiastically on the easy handling and pain-free injections delivering essential medications to their four-legged friends.


We understand how it feels when it pains…even if it is just a needle prick. INJEX50 Vet offers the right solution to keep off pain and feel happy!Animals react nervously to needle injections and every pet owner would like to take away the pain especially when they must inject their pet.


No more hiding away from needles! INJEX50 Vet delivers the perfect shot without a needle thereby keeping you and your pet happy and satisfied.INJEX50 Vet reduces the trauma for injecting your pet. It allows you to treat your pet calmly without any apprehension whatsoever thanks to INJEX needle-free technology. 


Perceived to solve a huge challenge to the Veterinary Industry

  • Significant number of diabetic pets
  • Pets with at home injectable medication needs
  • Not all pets are able to take medications orally
  • Injex50 Vet* would probably save a number of lives


How INJEX50 Vet Works

Once any subcutaneous liquid medication is loaded into INJEX50 Vet, after releasing the safety lock, a press of the trigger releases a micro-jet stream of insulin through a tiny orifice (0.007 inches in diameter) at the tip of the injector (ampoule). INJEX50 Vet uses a coiled spring to generate power and release a powerful stream of medication. This stream enters the skin, disperses throughout the subcutaneous tissue, and is quickly absorbed.

INJEX50 Vet ‘s accuracy and small penetration point results in reduced trauma to both the pet and its owner as it is ‘virtually’ painfree.