INJEX50 Dental

With the INJEX50 Dental available at the Clinic, your kid is happy to go to the Dentist!

INJEX50 Dental*


Contrary to conventional local injection methods, infiltration of anaesthesia with INJEX50 Dental delivers the local anaesthetic submucously down the periosteum. Many clinical trials have proved that drug distribution is done in more suitable way than while using a traditional syringe. The given doses are definitely much lower and the risk of side effects is considerably reduced.


INJEX50 Dental , the needle-free injection, is the newest treatment available for patients who are terrified of needles when undergoing dental treatment. It is a painless system, with the sensation being described as ‘virtually painfree’.

INJEX50 Dental  works by using pressure to deliver local anaesthesia into your tissues, rather than a needle. If you are terrified at the thought of needles, why not give INJEX50 Dental a try?


To inject for maximum patient comfort, INJEX50 Dental is placed at the same position and angle as the traditional needle into the buccogingival sulcus; at the point of the sulcus that is as close as possible to the attached gingival, ensuring that INJEX50 Dental is held with medium pressure and at 90° to the point of injection (and not at 90° to the teeth).



Special Instruction to Dentists

The injection must be into the buccogingival area at the point of the sulcus that is as close as possible to the attached gingival. If the injection is too close to the buccal and lip areas there’s possibility of some bruising or bleeding.