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INJEX50 is needle free spring injection system which deliver all types of medications in subcutaneous .
Aijex Pharma International Inc. is a Japanese company in which they own INJEX50 product.
Taj Medikal Company Ltd. is the subsidiary of Aijex Pharma International Inc. in the middle east and east Mediterranean area.

U'Toyama inkjet 3D Bio-Printer

Is an innovative 3D Printer which has been developed specially for breaking through many obstacles in tissue and organ engineering. This approach of tissue engineering using 3D bioprinter is now called Bioprinting and Biofabrication.

Various biomaterials including living cells can be used as Bio-link  And 3D Bio-constructs.

containing living cells can be produced by 3D printing in liquid. This 3D Bio-printer enables computer-aided designing (CAD)/ manufacturing (CAM)/ Engineering (CAE) for biological tissues, which are useful for producing various experimental samples for medical and pharmacological researches and finally organs for transplantation therapy.

Makoto Nakamura, M.D., Ph.D.

Towards Organ Engineering : Bioprinting and Bioassembly Technology